All the way around shall be eighteen thousand cubits; and the name of the city from that day shall be:


Ezekiel 48:35   Zechariah 9: 9 -17   Zechariah 10: 1- 12

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Imagine a Mega Utopia Substainable City more beautiful and peaceful than any other City on earth. In alignment with God’s biblical prophecies, Almighty God New Holy City Building Project (ARK 2) is the largest construction exhibition in the World. Covering 150 square miles, Almighty God’s New Holy City has a construction budget of 100bn. This relaxing, rejuvenating Holy Megacity is the Promise Land for the surviving remnant in which the King and Queen of Heaven is currently gathering at  

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This new futuristic Mega Holy City - ARK 2 will bring peace, prosperity, and protection.  In addition, the New Holy CIty ARK 2  will ensure the  Remnant's survival and inheritance of the earth during the final last days of the Apocalypse. Ezekiel 6:8 "However, I will leave a remnant, for you will have those who escaped the sword among the nations when you are scattered among the countries.  

From the sands and mountains of Israel, will rise  the largest futuristic infrastructure project in the world. Almighty God’s New Holy City is the pentacle for futuristic & tropical metropolis engineering. This ambitious infrastructure project has a construction investment budget of 500 billion, when complete it will be the home of 2 million of God’s elected remnant. 

Extending 150 miles this futuristic mega city will be  the first of its kind to offer a free commerce economy with tropical futuristic and Garden Eden design. Every device, component service is linked to an information network through wireless computing technology allowing for greater coordination and more efficient and synchronized city than has ever been possible before. 


An example of this, is the elimination of garbage trucks and supermarket shopping. Smart homes and smart supermarkets will be connected to a network of underground food tubes. Groceries are efficiently transported to smart homes refrigeration units and trash are sucked from garbage cans to treatment facilities, thus eliminating the need to rely on garbage trucks and the discomfort of waiting on long food shopping lines. This type of technology provides convenience, reduces pollution, traffic, and saves time that can be spent on enjoying the beautiful benefits of living in the physical presences of the Almighty Great God of the Universe.

When we think about paradise on earth, Almighty God's new Metropolis Futuristic City (ARK 2), comes in mind.. This Infrastructure project is so dedicated to being a model for sustanabiltity that it has set aside 50% of its land to have an atmosphere of the beautiful Garden of Eden. The benefits of living in this beautiful new Holy City is having a stress free life, free of credit cards, loans and bills. This free ecommerce society allow each residence to bring a unique aspect to the city which will cause the city to thrive. The overall success of this peaceful mega Holy City is aided in group cohesiveness, which will allow us to remain a balance spiritual equilibrium.

Even though this mega infrastructure project has both a futuristic and Garden of Eden design, it will continue to maintain its biblical ethnicity. Keeping in mind the environmental and humanitarian concerns, the project will tear through countless ecosystems and rip in to freshwater drilling so that underwater villas and restaurants can be achievable. We will be laying down foundations buildings, modernizing electricity and water pipelines, but at the same time we are committed to preserving the culture and spiritual identity of Israel. Developing Almighty Gods New Futuristic Mega Holy city will continue to be a huge challenge in which the Holy Trinity will guide, protect, encourage us to complete.



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Our Architect Engineers and Land Developers are the most innovative architecture and integrated design practices in the world. With over four decades the practice has pioneered a sustainable approach to architecture through a strikingly wide range of work, urban master plan, public infrastructure, airports, civic buildings, offices and workplace to private houses and product design. With offices worldwide, the practice has an international reputation and buildings on six continents. 

 They are a strong creative team, in which structural and environmental engineers work alongside the architects from the beginning of the design process. The design teams are supported by numerous in-house disciplines, ensuring that they have the knowledge base to create a city that is environmentally sustainable and livable